Preston Kincaid is a freelance marketing consultant in the Monterey, California area specializing in online marketing strategies.

He is an inventor, designer and entrepreneur. His blend of intellect and intuition gives him a unique vantage point on the world. Preston brings to each project an eye for seeing things in ways that others often miss, and a passion for working with teams to create effective marketing and advertising, as well as new products and services.

Serial Entrepreneur: SharpListing™, CD-Key™, Inspiration Engine, e.mote™, Kincaid Technology Corporation.

Recent Past: Graphic Designer at The Wecker Group, Monterey, CA. Art Director at EyeStorm Studios, Sunnyvale, CA. Marketing Director at Pepe International, Inc., Carmel, CA.

Inventor: Proprietary “Fogfree” formula (Age 9); school bus passenger restraint system (age 14); air-compression tri-brid vehicle propulsion system; updateable content distribution CD-Key technology; Sharplisting; VinoSmart and SignFlux.

Education: Graduated North Monterey County High School his junior year with a 4.0 GPA. Graduated American Media Training certified Adobe training 1999 where he would eventually become a multimedia instructor.

Scary job: Teaching not doing (intensive multimedia courses at American Media Training in Los Angeles) and being disturbingly good at it.

Road not taken: Professional motorcycle racing. Started at age 12. Exceeded 200 mph on a bike (more than once). Decided that living to tell the story was the better alternative.

A favorite quote: “Winners are just losers that had the courage to try one more time”.

What his colleagues say: “…creative genius without the high maintenance… if you’re building a business you want someone like Preston on your team…” (more testimonials)

Other passions: Motorcycles, motorcycle racing, travel, his three children Mariah (16), Trista (10), and Austin (4).